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Service scope
Petrol station service is a key business area of ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe, which has been conducted continuously for a few decades. Our staff have been trained by manufacturers of all the equipment we have on our offer. After successful exams, the service staff were granted appropriate certificates to run warranty and post-warranty service.
Our service men have skills and experience to find and remove the breakdown regardless of its location, which makes repair time and loss on sale minimal.
Our service covers all the equipment constituting station management system in the area of automation, electronics, informatics, and hydraulics. Among them:
  • fuel dispensers,
  • LPG dispensers,
  • tank gauging system,
  • piping,
  • tanks, valves,
  • controllers,
  • IT systems including cash register printers,
  • electrical circuits, logical networks, telecommunication networks
  • CCTV,
  • separators, vacuum cleaners.
The broad range of our maintenance services also include:
  • technological consulting,
  • sale of devices,
  • infrastructure works
  • installation and start-up
  • verification of devices,
  • inspection and conservation,
  • warranty and post-warranty service,
The choice of works is adjusted to the orderer's guidelines,

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