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Installation and configuration of forecourt control systems
Automation service of ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe Sp. z o.o. Opole professionally carries out installation of all the forecourt management systems available on international and domestic market. Moreover, on request, we configure the systems according to customer's requirements.
Among supported systems, the following are worth mentioning:

OPW PV-3500

The system covers software package "Konfigurator PV 3500," 32-bit operating system, remote control option, hard drive, front panel keypad, diagnostic display.
Additionally it features interface to between 1 and 16 dispensers, interface to SiteSentinel tank gauge, BOS and POS communications, smart external UPS and integrated modem.


This system features modular construction which allows supporting a variety of dispenser brands by means of adding particular modules. It is based on integrated microchip system fitted with function keys and alfanumeric display. It supports communication with POS, tank gauging system, price boards and car wash. Communication with the device may be kept through LAN.


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