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"Minor" Line

Typ 8991. 623 i 8997.623

One product dispenser in suction or pressure design, one hose, flow rate 40; 80 l/min. Accessories: electronic control unit Beta Control, Elaflex nozzles and hoses, optionally VRS.

Add-ons included in the price: spare filter pack, mounting expansion joint, piping outlet flange, electro-valves, preselection, VRS monitoring.

Communication with PV 3500, DOMS PSS 5000 or directly with the systems's computer.

Additional options: flow rate switch between 40/60 l/min, cashless autofuel systems, fleet fuelling systems, cover opening monitoring, busy/idle signalling, breakaway couplings. Free choice of colours from RAL chart.

Dispensers conform to MID requirements and may operate in the EU member countries.


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