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Adast flame and detonation arresters
Flame arresters Adast J 13x, J 47x, J 37x, J 34
Garantee of safety and quality.
The flame arresters are used as a protection against the spreading of flame into the guarded part of the equipment used for the storage, distribution, transport and processing of flammable gases and vapours of liquids of IIA explosion class and a part of IIB, IIB3 class assortment.

The flame arresters of all type series comply in full range with the EN 12874 standard

The complete range of ADAST flame arresters has been certified by the 1026 AO FTZÚ notified organ CE1026 AO FTZÚ, s.p. Ostrava-Radvanice according to the 94/9/EC – ATEX Guidelines.

The quality system for the manufacture of flame arresters has been certified by the NO 1026 – AO FTZÚ Ostrava-according to supplement IV. ATEX guideline – certificate no. FTZÚ 02 ATEX Q 20. 
Basic division:
Deflagration flame arresters are intended to block and extinguish deflagration i.e. subsonic spreading of flame without shock wave. Whereas detonation flame arresters prevent detonation with the shock wave, spreading at supersonic speed.

Adast detonation arresters are intended for stable detonation.

Arrester types 
Bi-directional detonation in-line
J 131.25/P4AD2; J 131.25/P4BD2; J 134.50/P7AD2; J 134.50/P4BD2; J 134.80/P7AD2; J 134.80/P4B3D2
Unidirectional detonation angular
J 474.50/1/P4AD; J 474.80/1/P4AD
Deflagration end-of-line
J 371.50/1/P7AE; J 374.80/1/P7AE; J 374.100/1/P7AE
Deflagration valved end-of-line – for vapour recovery
J 341.50/1/P7AE; J 344.100/1/P7AE

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